Für alle Akkus der KENWOOD Handfunkgeräte TK260/360, TK261, TK270/370, TK280/380, TK290, TK3101
KVC-17 für alle Akkus der Kenwood Handfunkgeräte TK-2180 / TK-3180
KVC-19 für alle Akkus der Kenwood Handfunkgeräte TK-2202 / TK-3201 / TK-3202
MCX-31 für alle  Akkus (NiCd/NiMh) der Handfunkgeräte ICOM F30 / F31
MTX209  für alle Akkus des Handfunkgerätes Plettac MT209
KVC-14 für alle Akkus der Kenwood Handfunkgeräte TK-2140 / TK-3140
GPX-professional für alle Akkus der Motorola Handfunkgeräte GP320 bis GP1280, HT750 bis HT1550








KHT-12, mobile charger for ENTEL HT-446 series,

suitable for all Li-Ion batteries. The loading process is controlled by an automotive microcontroller (CC / CV- controlling). The charging process cuts off by detecting the full charging level, the radio may pluged in all the time. The batterie level is controlled in dynamic trickled time slots for a maximum lifetime.

Keypad and accessory connector of the radio are accessible when the radio is inserted into the charging system. Batteries can be also charged stand-alone without the radio unit. The radio is fixed in the charger with guiding devices for the batterie and the belt clip.
The rugged aluminium case is plastic-coated for secure sliding in and prevents scratches.

  • working voltage 10 - 35V DC
  • fast charging (ca. 800mA)
  • optimized for Li-Ion batteries
  • battery can be charged without radio set
  • polarity secured  
  • firmly secured with belt clip 
  • with DC-plug, fused power lead
  • rugged metal casing, black polyamide coated
  • dimensions (W/H/D): 68 x 95 x 45mm
  • CE, RoHS, lead free 
  • EMC recording ETSI EN 301 489-1 V1.6.1
  • ISO 7637-2:2004

  • 5 years K-tronic guarantee *


   plus VAT

Das gehört dazu: Montageanleitung, Befestigungs- U-Winkel, Daumenrad- Schrauben, Anschlußkabel mit Sicherung, Kabelschelle und M3- Senkkopfschraube.

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